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For many decades, the Waikato Community School of Music has been serving the region as its largest community-based music tuition provider. Most of our lessons are run in a group format; class sizes vary by instrument, with some larger classes featuring a roster of assistants in addition to our experienced tutors. We’re proud to be able to provide an affordable, quality learning experience, and we look forward to playing our part on your journey to musical greatness.


Our curriculum guide can be found here.

Where & When

Te Kura Toi Tangata Faculty of Education
The University of Waikato
Gate 4, Hillcrest Road, Hamilton

WCSM classes run on Saturdays during primary school terms; most lessons are 30-minutes long. Classes start around 8:00 am, and may continue into the afternoon, depending on the instrument. Your exact lesson time will depend on the number of enrolments in each term, as well as on your age and playing ability, and you will be assigned a specific time upon enrolment. See the full list of dates for 2023 here.

Available Instruments & Programmes

Below is a list of the instruments we provide tuition for, along with their age restrictions. Lessons for other instruments may be available, on a case-by-case basis; please contact us to discuss further.

In addition to these instruments, we offer Music Makers, a program designed for children aged 3 and up.

  • Orchestral Strings
    • Violin (4+)
    • Viola (8+)
    • Cello (7+)
  • Guitar Family
    • Classical or Rhythm Guitar (7+)
    • Bass (7+)
    • Ukulele (6+)
  • Woodwind
    • Flute (7+)
    • Clarinet (8+)
    • Saxophone (10+)
    • Fife (6+)
    • Descant or Treble Recorder (5+)
  • Brass
    • Trumpet/Cornet (7+)
    • Tenor Horn (7+)
    • Euphonium (7+)
    • Trombone (7+)
  • Keyboard (6+)
  • Drum kit (7+)
  • Vocals/Singing (9+, Young Voices)


Fees for Music Makers program start from $45 per term, and can be viewed here.

Drum kit & KeyboardPer termPer two termsPer year
All enrolments$110$209$396
All other instrumentsPer termPer two termsPer year
Child under 16 years old$80$152$288
Adult 16 and over$110$209$396

Instrument hire

Limited quantities of instruments are available for hire directly through WCSM. Alternatively, rental instruments can also be obtained through local music stores.

Instrument hire through WCSMPer termPer two termsPer year
Starting from$60$109$218