Music Makers

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If you want your child to experience music, but you’re not sure where to start, WCSM’s Music Makers programme is ideal.

Designed for children ages 3-13+, Music Makers uses the Orff-Kodály musical education philosophy, which considers that everyone has music inside them as a first language, and that everyone’s first instrument is the voice. The program aims to draw music out of the children, and focuses on rhythm, singing, body percussion (clapping, stamping etc), using simple percussive instruments (e.g. claves, triangles, hand drums, castanets, marimbas) and movement to music. It also introduces children to music theory (notation, timing).

The programme prepares children for instrument tuition in a way that ensures they enjoy the experience and want to continue. There is a strong track record at WCSM of children moving from Music Makers to successful study of an instrument.

Where & When

Te Kura Toi Tangata Faculty of Education
The University of Waikato
Gate 4, Hillcrest Road, Hamilton

WCSM runs every Saturday during school week; we will confirm an exact time before the start of each term. See the full list of dates for 2023 here.


Music MakersPer termPer two termsPer year
Level One: ages 3 to 5$45$86$162
Levels Two & Three: ages 6 to 8$55$105$198
Level Four, “Young Voices”: ages 9+$65$124$234