Ensembles & Orchestra

Sinfonia: Amanda Wood, assisted by Natalie Garcia-Gil, Denise Hudson, Julie Pescud, Ye-Gon Ryoo, and Euan Safey

Concert Band: Danny Roguski

String Orchestra: Julie Pescud

Guitar Ensemble: Jeremiah Nadonga

Flute Ensemble: Ashleigh Smith

Ukulele Ensemble: Danny Roguski

Orchestral Strings

Violin: Brinstan D’Cruz, Ann Speed, Jean Paterson, Julie Pescud, and Kartika Sulistiowati

Cello: Joanna Pinto

Double Bass: Denise Hudson

Other Strings

Classical Guitar: Jeremiah Nadonga, assisted by Ciara Claridge and Nom Kohara

Rhythm Guitar: Andrew Carter

Bass Guitar: Denise Hudson

Ukulele: Danny Roguski

Erhu: Zoe Li

Woodwind & Brass

Flute/Fife: Ashleigh Smith

Clarinet/Saxophone: Ye-Gon Ryoo

Recorder: Natalie Garcia-Gil and Amanda Wood

Brass: Danny Roguski

Percussion & Keyboard

Drum Kit: Hamish Berkers and Marshall Vidulich

Keyboard: Joyce Roguski

Voice & Music Makers

Music Makers: Mary Smith and Rowan Button, assisted by Daisy Claridge and Sera Allen

Young Voices: Cecily Shaw


Musical Director: Rupert D’Cruze

School Manager: Ann Shaffer


Andrew Buchanan-Smart, Richard Bryce, Susan Woodhouse, Nick Braae, Oliver Barratt, Angela Sullivan