Terms & Conditions

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  • Any WCSM student who is enrolled in one of our instrumental classes may also attend any ensemble, and as many as he/she wishes, at no additional charge, subject to tutor advice.
  • Enrolment constitutes an agreement to attend a particular class or ensemble at a specified time/date; class time may be subject to change during the term to accommodate the student’s ability/progress.
  • Where WCSM Management feels it could be helpful, parents may be allowed to attend and observe their child’s class. However, this invitation is only at the discretion of the Tutor, who retains sole responsibility for the running of the class at all times.
  • Tutors are not authorised to negotiate fee variations or accept tuition payments.
  • If for any reason WCSM is unable to run a particular class, or if numbers fall below specified minimums, WCSM reserves the right to cancel the class. In these circumstances, we will endeavour to place students in another suitable class, or offer a refund for the remaining lessons.
  • In the case of tutor absence, WCSM will provide a relieving tutor. If unable to do so, WCSM will refund the value of the class session, pro-rated to the fee paid for the student.
  • Due to the nature of group lessons and classes, WCSM is unable to offer refunds for student absences.
  • Only in exceptional circumstances will WCSM consider refunds for student withdrawals. To request a refund, you must apply in writing to the WCSM Administrator. All refunds are at the discretion of the WCSM Trust Board and will incur an administrative surcharge of $25.
  • Informal concerts are learning opportunities for all students, whether or not the students are directly involved in performances; students are welcome to observe all aspects of preparation and performance on the day. Should their children’s tutors be unable to conduct ordinary classes on concert days due to performance-related commitments, parents/caregivers may choose not to have their children attend the centre. No refunds will be considered.
  • WCSM staff are regularly briefed as to their duty of care with regard to those WCSM students who attend our classes and who are under the age of 16, while these students are in class. We do not have the resources to monitor students when they are not attending classes. WCSM students who are not in classrooms are unsupervised, and remain the responsibility of the parent/caregiver.